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Week of 1/18/23

Week of 1/16


Soup - chicken noodle, cream of broccoli

Platters - meatloaf and chicken parm and pasta

🥪 Hot Sandwiches:

Roast Turkey, Vermont cheddar and maple mayo

Shrimp salad melt

Tuna salad melt

♥️Deli sandwich or by the lb!

Chicken Salad

Tuna Salad

Egg Salad and bacon (or no bacon)

Shrimp salad

Old bay potato salad

Tea Room

Soup - cream of broccoli

Quiche - Lorraine and tomato

Scones: cream and Gouda and cranberry white chocolate

Sweets: cakes, cookies, tarts and more


Chicken salad

Tuna salad

Brie and Berry bite

Garlic herb Cheese and Turkey

Kits  - pasta and meat sauce, salad and rolls

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