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🍁🍁🍁Thanksgiving pick up and delivery Menu!🍁🍁🍁 Orders must be in before November 24th!!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Sweets: 🍁Maple pumpkin cheesecake

🍁Apple and Cranberry Bake

🍁Pumpkin White chocolate truffles

🍁Buttermilk Pie

🍁Pumpkin bread

🍁Cranberry Apple Chutney Jar

🍁Triple chocolate raspberry cheesecake

🍁berry french toast bake


🍁sage sausage and maple bites

🍁mini sweet potato marshmallow cups

🍁crabcake sliders

🍁Baked brie and preserve ring

🍁sweet and salty chicken salad cups

🍁mini quiche cups (bacon, tomato and spinach)

Sides: 🍁Sweet potato souflet 🍁Rustic Garlic Mash Potatoes 🍁Bacon Topped Green Bean Casserole 🍁Triple cheese mac 🍁Sage sausage stuffing Additional Desserts: 🍁Mini Pie Cupcakes (cherry, maple bacon, apple cinnamon, pumpkin pie 🍁Almond cherry cheese tart


Email Mamma for price quote just need number of people items are for!!!