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Prayer works!!! Best way to start the day!!!!

Good morn!!!!! Best way to begin this day…….pray♥️🙏🙌🏻🌟don’t carry it with you all day long give it up ☝️God cares about you!!!!

Let’s pray for this day to be His way!

Dear God as we get moving in this day, move with us please! We invite You in to lead us and guide us through as we navigate through this day! Yes, there will be obstacles,distractions and many challenges but if we stay with You we shall overcome all and remain focused, calm and blessed!!

Lord thank You for all of the joys, laughs and smiles in this day! Help us to provide these glory moments for others! Lord forgive us for the times we walk away from You and try and do life without You....for in those times it is truly lonely and uncertain. Oh Lord we can make life so difficult sometimes. Trying to make things happen and work and trying so hard to be loved and fit in. Help us remember You have the plan for our lives all mapped out so we don’t have to strive for things but pray, take steps of faith and believe in You. Nor do we have to strive to be loved and fit in for we are truly truly unconditionally loved by You Our Heavenly Father always and forever. We don’t need to always fit in for we are of the Kingdom not the world! Your Word says we are outcasts now.

Lord thank You so much for restoring our soul, renewing our mind and forever giving us hope in You. Lord we truly do need You To live! Life is so much better with You by our side! Help us stay there in Jesus Name Amen and Agreed! ❤️

Oh yes prayer changes everything!!! It’s gonna be a blessed day!!! I am feeling that for all of us!

Love y’all,


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