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Mamma News!!!

Mamma News!

♥️Black Friday 20% off Boutique goodies from 10-12! Free gift with a purchase over $25

💚Small Biz Saturday - free egg Sammie’s and cup of Joe from 9-11! 20% off in cafe and tea room all day long!

♥️Christmas menu is complete - be up Friday! Order early!!! It’s a great menu!!!!

💚Yes yes yes if we missed your seniors today we will be doing again for Christmas!!!!!! More details to come!!

♥️Yes three families with single parents be blessed for Christmas with a meal, groceries and presents for Mamma and the kids!!! More details to come!

💚Yea we’re having a Christmas wedding giveaway on 12/22/23!!!

♥️Don’t forget to get your tickets for the closing party!!!!! Live band, bar service, lots and lots of food, giveaway table and more!!! Tickets $10

💚We gonna bless till we close on 12/24/23!!! Promise♥️🌲♥️🙏

Mamma Mish’s is not going away!! Just the brick and mortar for a bit!! Stay tuned!!!

Love y’all♥️🙏♥️ God is good!! All the time!!

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