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Happenings this week at Mammas !!!

Happenings in mammas this week!!!!

🫖️🫖Tea Room open! Checkout Grace Table Tea Room page for menus and hours!!!

🍽️ Fajita kits coming back this week woohoo!!! We should have done tomorrow but will post when complete!! We are making 20 kits who knows maybe more!!!!!

♥️Red bag be out tomorrow with meals!!

🥩 Tenderloin sliders so popular for an event we made more tenderloin and they will be on menu this week!!!!!

🦀 both crab soups be on the menu this week!

Mamma says it’s blessing week too!! Soooooooooooo……

♥️Tues: Zekes coffee and egg Sammie’s for $5 from 10-12!

🙏Wed: Half price Sammie day comes with chips and cookie!!!

♥️Thurs: All platters Buy one get one half price

🙏Free chicken slider day!!!! Come enjoy our fav chicken salad🍗

♥️Sat: Free gift with every purchase over $20!!!!

Also 3 of the gifts are Mamma Mish Gift certificate, cash and Grace Table Tea Room Gift Certificate!!!!!!!

Hope to see y’all this week!!!

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