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Christmas Closing Party

Good morning. This Saturday is our Christmas Closing party for everyone who wants to share some time with Mammas before we close our doors on 12/24/23. It’s a time to laugh, be together, eat some great food, have some drinks, enjoy some giveaways, enjoy some memory lane chats, listen to some amazing music by Frey Trio and be together until we meet again!!!

We will be setting up for everyone to have plenty of seating!!! Doors will open at 4:30pm and close at 9ish!!!

Will you join us so we can say thank you in person!! Give hugs as we begin a new chapter next year!! We will have loads of festivities going on all week long starting 12/18-12/24!!!! But this party gives us a chance to just hang out!!!! Sure you can shop too lol!!! But we just want to see everyone!!!

Tickets are only $10!!!! We want to bless y’all!!!

Thank you!


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