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Over 40 years of experience!

My name is Michele Love, but you can call me Mamma Mish!

My Italian and Polish grandmothers used to let me watch and cook along side of them in the kitchen when I was really young. My dad would give me the checkbook and A&P card and let me shop starting at age 10!! They all taught me to the tradition of using quality ingredients mixed with love to create delicious dishes. The passion began and so did the baking and cooking! Additionally, my faith fuels my commitment to service - to work with each client until they are satisfied. We love to bring folks together and what better way then Food, Faith and Fellowship!

For many years, I have been honing my professional event planning style and am excited to share it through Mamma Mish's Homemade Dishes. Mamma Mish's Homemade Dishes creates delicious, unique and fresh menu items and serves clients through our café, catered events and Mamma’s  General Store. The General Store is filled with the same love, gifts, handmade crafts, dry goods, refrigerated goodies and grab and go and more!

In our café guests can gather for food ( baked goods, coffee, salads, sandwiches, meals & more!),  faith, and fellowship. All menu items are homemade, changed each week and made to order! Also folks can gather to rest and refresh in an atmosphere of love and welcoming for all. It truly is A Gathering Place!

My partner in this adventure is my husband, best friend, and biggest supporter - George Bell. George is all in on the mission of food, faith, and fellowship.  

Michele Love

Mamma Mish


It's what's on the inside that counts

Mama Mish's Homemade Dishes creates a selection of three weekly meals. These meals are made fresh daily. You can choose to have the meal delivered. Or, if you prefer, you may pick up. 

All services feature incredible food made with love.  There are Homestyle, Vegetarian, and Cultured options.

Mamma Mish's Homemade Dishes will create a menu especially for your event. We cater to your wishes! We are over-the-moon about weddings and helping you on your special day. We cater any event, including corporate lunches, birthdays, showers, special dinners, anniversary and retirement parties, grand openings, and more!


One of my passions is fellowship.  Bringing together people from all walks of life, talking about faith, eating, feeling the love & support from those around us and God. We hold different events throughout the year that combine Food, Faith, and Fellowship.  Follow the Facebook page to stay up to date on current events.

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